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11. The customer's right to withdraw from the contract

The customer who orders products in the LUMERIE.EU online store (, can, if they are not satisfied with the ordered products or wish to withdraw from the contract (purchase) for any reason, within 14 days of receiving the product, inform (in writing or by email: the provider that they wish to withdraw from the contract without having to provide a reason for their decision. The customer must then return the goods in their original and undamaged condition within 14 days of sending the notification to the company (at the following address: Farmatic d.o.o., Novi trg 9, 8000 Novo mesto). Within 14 days of receiving the notification, we will refund all payments made by the customer without the customer having to request it."
Form for withdrawal from contract is HERE
The customer fills out the Form for withdrawal from the contract (or writes a statement with all the required information in the form) and sends it to the provider by email at the following address or via post mail to the address Farmatic, trgovina in svetovanje, d.o.o., Novi trg 9, 8000 Novo mesto. The provider will promptly confirm receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract on a durable medium.

10. Damaged shipments

If the customer notices that the shipment (or the item in it) is physically damaged, the contents are missing from the shipment, or the shipment shows signs of opening upon receipt from the delivery service, they must immediately inform the provider and the delivery service that carried out the delivery of the damage, missing content, or signs of opening, upon receipt at the latest, but within 3 days of delivery. Upon request by the delivery service or the provider, the customer must also fill out any necessary forms and provide the required evidence necessary to process the complaint or appeal by the delivery service. The customer must also provide the provider (and upon request, the delivery service) with photographs of the shipment, the label on the shipment indicating the delivery service (information on the shipment number, performer of the delivery, etc.), the damaged (internal and/or external) packaging, the damaged item, and a brief description of the damage, together with the notification from the first paragraph, for the purpose of insurance and submission of evidence. If the customer notices damage to the shipment or visible signs of opening the shipment upon delivery, the customer can refuse to accept such a shipment (if possible, photograph the shipment as well) and immediately inform the provider by email. or by phone at +386 64 121 460.


When returning an item for warranty to the seller, you must include a copy of the receipt.
The address for returning goods to the seller is Farmatic d.o.o., Novi trg 9, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia
We recommend using a delivery service that allows you to track the shipment and that the goods are properly prepared for transport (safe packaging).
The sender always bears the costs of shipping, unless otherwise agreed in advance. We do not accept COD shipments
You should also read the regulations on forms for exercising the right of withdrawal from a distance or off-premises contract, available at:

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